Spanish company Dulces La Cartuja, a manufacturer and exporter of jellies and jams to prominent gourmet stores in the US, has recently repackaged its range. Created by Valencia (Spain) based Soporte Comunicación in collaboration with Mibalia, the new labels, which replace a conventional ‘homemade’ script based design, more appropriately resolves the brand’s creative and experimental approach to the combination of high quality ingredients with a minimal, bold and scientific typographic approach.

“To stand out from other competitors laden “tradition”, we opted for a minimalist line let see the intense colors of the product and allow quick identification.”

– Taken from the Soporte Comunicación website

The chemical and formulation-like abbreviations of each variety while not massively unique deliver a distinctive aesthetic to the world of preserves and presenting the products as ‘elemental’ cooking ingredients to be experimented with. The simple, clean and minimal layouts (in combination with the scientific theme) emphasise a sense of purity and honesty that allows the natural tone and quality of the product to shine through. The lid (image) features a more traditional rendering of local ruins adding a regional (and european) tone as well as a sense of tradition and heritage that suitably juxtaposes the more contemporary components of the design.

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